Most of us spend most of our lives doing it. But what does the Bible say about work and the workplace? In these sessions we cover questions like: Why do we work? Why is work hard? As Christians how should we relate to colleagues? How can I share my faith at work?
Andrew Grey, 28/04/2014
6 - Evangelism in the workplace
Andrew Grey and others, 08/06/2014
5 Being a woman at work - Part 3 - audio
Andrew Grey and others, 01/06/2014
4 Relating to co-workers and common grace - audio
Andrew Grey, 18/05/2014
3 Idols and Jesus' Lordship at work - audio
Andrew Grey, 11/05/2014
2 Why is work such a pain - audio
Andrew Grey, 04/05/2014
1 Work - Why do we work - audio
Andrew Grey, 27/04/2014